ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Deepening Your Faith and growing your business online...
Develop Spiritual Disciplines To Transform Your Life and grow your business biblically...
What You Will Gain From These Products:
#1: People Will Approach You About Your Faith
When you wear the Christ Centered Coaching pin you are telling the world that you are a Christ Centered Entrepreneur. People Will ask about the pin and this creates an opportunity for to share your faith, testimony, or what being Christ Centered means to you! Use this evangelism tool to share the gospel and identify yourself as part of the Christ Centered Movement!
#2: Grow Your Relationship With God
We don't want you to just wear the pin & say you're Christ Centered. It is our desire to see your relationship with Christ deepen and grow. Using this moleskin notebook as a prayer journal will help you record answered prayers, articulate your thoughts to God, and you can use it however you like. Develop your spiritual disciplines with this tool to transform your life and experience more of what God has for you.

#3: Become Part of the Christ Centered Movement
It is our mission as Christ Centered Entrepreneurs to take back the business realm. We want to define what success by what the Bible says. Being part of this movement means that you are not ashamed of the Gospel in business. It means you integrate your faith and work. It means that the marketplace is your mission field. It means that you are lead by the Holy Spirit in all that you do. 
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